Yesterday I ran into my friend and she told me that she got into a car accident, nothing major but either way wow, actually she just hit the car, it wasn’t really terrible not even a dent appeared. Anyway today my cousin came to my house and we were talking when he told me that my cousin, his little sister, got into a car accident! Now this one is a bit more major than my friends, granted, she’s alright. But her car needs fixing, she had to take to her dad’s office so he could take it to the mechanic or the car dealer to fix, apparently something on the side is falling off. Such a shame, her car was new. I mean it’s only 2 years old. Even so, apparently the accident wasn’t her fault so I’m sure she’s going to have her car back and looking better than ever.

Oh, what happened today? I saw a million ants in the kitchen, it was disgusting, I had to get the spray to kill bugs and stuff and spray all over, it wasn’t near where we cook, thankfully. Kinda close to where my turtle is though :/ and if that wasn’t enough I heard a buzzing noise, I went to the bathroom, because that’s where it was coming from and what do I see? A WASP. It was HUGE, I have never seen a wasp so big! I ran to get the spray again and shot it in mid-air, though while shooting it I screamed, haha. What’s with all these bugs in my house?! I bet someone left the door open and that’s why they’re coming in..either way the kitchen is kinda separate from the rest of my house, I don’t see anything here..either way there shouldn’t be any here since I kinda sprayed all over hoping to kill the damn ants. My dad will have everything fixed soon, I hope. Back to Physics! Then stats.


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