Hello New York!

I arrived in New York today, my cousin picked me up. He’s awesome x] After that, well first, it took a while because of traffic, can’t seem to avoid New York traffic. Anyway after we got to my aunt’s house we went to eat and everything then I talked to my other cousins and stuff. Well we talked for a long time, haha. Up until now that is, so I’m in my bed posting before I got to bed, even though it’s SO early. Well keep in mind that I’m still going by central time, not eastern time. So for me it’s like 10PM, while the real time it’s almost 11PM, but I’m tired and we have to go to church tomorrow, which to be honest, I’m not a church person at all. So eh, but I gotta go because everyone else is going. And then there’s this parade or something in little Italy or something of that sort? I dunno, but because my uncle is Italian we’re going to that for a while then probably do something with my cousin. Obviously taking lots of pictures starting tomorrow! So there’s that update. Will update via phone tomorrow, which btw, I noticed my last blog post (via iPhone) didn’t get picked up by twitterfeed, odd. Eh, oh well. I gotta say I’m missing my home and parents, and dogs..everything. It’s just different without them here, I mean when I’m with my OTHER aunt and uncle (and cousin) I feel right at home, kinda..well closer than with my family here..long story. But yeah will tweet and keep everyone updated later.


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