Tomorrow, Linkin Park!

YES. TOMORROW I’m going to see Linkin Park!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! I mean I get the fact that I’m in New York and stuff but tomorrow, I’m going to see Linkin Park?! Holy Shinoda!!

I’m getting everything ready, today I’m going to Manhattan with my aunt gonna take pics, then buy a present for my cousin because today is his birthday although we celebrated yesterday today is his actual birthday so gonna get him a present. I’ll take pics FOR SURE today from my iPhone, most likely Twitter, not sure might be wordpress. Although I think I’ll upload via twitter. Anyway, I gotta check where the venue is and stuff, all I know is that it’s in times square and if I’m not mistaken where the MTV studios are or used to be…tbh I dunno about that, but around there. Which I’ve been there before and stuff. So, I’ll blog later and tweet later today.


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