Yesterday = amazing

So yesterday we went to eat for my cousin’s birthday and it was great! We went to a Japanese Steak House, it was hibachi and well beyond BEYOND amazing, I went to one before but it never ceases to amaze me, haha. I took some great pictures and photos. BTW, on a bad note..turns out the cable I brought for my camera doesn’t work with it, I thought it’d be the same connection thing, same port, but it isn’t. So I can’t show any pictures, which sucks, but oh well. I’ll take pics with my phone which can upload straight to here or there or anywhere, haha.

Yesterday was also the VMAs and I must say I was scared that I was going to miss it because we went out for dinner, oh and also while we were waiting for a table in the waiting room they were playing Linkin Park!! TWO songs in a row, after that it wasn’t LP anymore but there were two songs from LP’s MTM and I was happy I thought it was a sign, haha. Anyway, when we came back me and my cousin turned on the TV and like with out waiting too long, we saw LP’s performance! I LOVED it, the guys did great, obviously. I knew they would. I cannot wait to see them live in concert TOMORROW!!!!! Which LINKIN PARK’S A THOUSAND SUNS COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! 😀

Quick note, since the concert is tomorrow I think it’s time to give access to my ustream, it’s here. Password is athousandsunslp. If you have any problems tweet to me, here


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