Today I went to Manhattan with my aunt, we also went all over, China Town, Little Italy, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, SoHo, etc. etc. tomorrow is the BIG day, and I can hardly wait! I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING TO SEE LINKIN PARK!!! I’m getting prepared now, taking my camera, memory card, battery, second battery, money, tickets (OBVIOUSLY) and well that. I can’t take much because remember it’s a concert, they don’t allow bags, well the ones I went to they didn’t allow bags, and actually it’s best to not carry anything but whatever is in your pocket so yeah.

Tomorrow going early to Manhattan with my aunt as it will be my final day in New York (as in DAY/night) on Wednesday I leave at 1PM so it’s going to be a rush :/ but oh well, that’s fine. I’m taking loads of pics and videos, believe me I just can’t upload them all! Or to be honest, any of them. But as soon as I get home then yes, I’ll upload them asap.


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