Finally back home but I missed a LOT of stuff..like not just LP news, since I missed a day of school I’m kinda behind. Not to mention I forgot my book in New York…yay? FML. My uncle is going to send it via mail tomorrow hopefully I’ll get it soon, if it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d buy another one. But this book is not only expensive it’s also NOT mine, I borrowed it from a friend. It’s a really long story how I left it…but in short I left it in the airport because my cousin was carrying it (again long story..) but in the end they found my book and I almost missed my flight. We took the bus to La Guardia airport and thinking we were going to make it on time (one hour before I had to be there) turns out we ended up coming REALLY late. Like 20 minutes before my plane left! I tried to do the self-checking in thing and well there was this one part that wanted me to pay $60 more to choose a seat or something and so after I kinda skipped in line and asked this lady who worked there if it was too late to check-in, and well so she asked me to hurry up if I wanted to make this flight so I checked in and my luggage. I was waiting in line (huge line :/) and the lady I talked to ended up looking for me so I could skip the line and go directly to security, so after security check I RAN to my gate and ended up catching it! Good huh? I was like the last one to board..not so I saw a few more after me but they were in line already and I kinda skipped people lol. Thanks to that lady I made it! 😀

And now that I’m back I missed my home very much, glad to be here. Only thing I could change is the weather here. I hate the weather here. 90F. Great. Tomorrow school..yay, lol. I’ll blog more later. I’ll try to upload at least one video today I haven’t even seen them completely. :/


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