After “What I’ve Done” Played…

Okay, so What I’ve Done was the last song played at the NYC show, right after that Mike came down and well..I’m a HUGE Mike fan, I mean I even own a fan site of him, seriously..huge fan. So you can possibly imagine what I was feeling during that moment. Well, let me tell you this, I basically freaked out, or you could say “fan-girled” I don’t think I could comprehend what was happening because that was the FIRST LP concert (that I’ve attended) where Mike came down to the audience. Chester came down after the OKC concert I attended, although thinking about it..he probably shouldn’t have..since he was sick, LOL. But I think his throat was sore is all, so it’s fine. :b Anyway, so Mike came down all the fans literally shifted over to the left and well we were all tightly packed at the front so there I’m guessing near the sides people kinda got pushed back or something? I dunno, but there was space on the right side of me and this girl got in to the front, but I got to the part where that little step thing was, or right in front of it, because I think I was already kinda near it, I remember looking down during the concert and seeing the step. So, when Mr. Shinoda came right in front of me, I nearly lost it, imagine this..the minute he jumped off stage I screamed and shifted over to the left. So when he was in front of me I basically just said “Mike” LOL, I held his hand and arm, I wanted to hug him but I thought that might be a little too much, and we all know how Mike is with fans, don’t want to get carried away otherwise: awkward and Mike gives you a look. So I didn’t do that, I figure holding his hand was good enough. Oh and holding on to his arm, haha.

Then..Chester came, I love them both, Mike and Chester. So, when he came over I was also screaming..same as with Mike but I wasn’t dumbfounded when he came right in front of me, in other words I could ACTUALLY think when Chester was in front of me, with Mike I was only saying his name, lol and holding onto him. When Chester came in front of me this girl next to me or close to me said “I love you, Chester!” and she got a hug, so that got me thinking, haha. When Chester came in front of me I said “Chester!! I love you!!” & “You’re the best!” stuff like that, now I do love him, love them all. I did manage to hug Chester, he was hands were drenched in his sweat right after and my shirt too (keep in mind that he had no shirt on when he came down). Mike and Chester are my idols. So it wasn’t just to get a hug, but I could actually think and say something to him rather to Mike, I said nothing..relevant. Either way I couldn’t say too much relevant, there wasn’t enough time. He was in front of me for about 10-15 seconds. It was alright then, I suppose, next time hopefully I’ll be able to comprehend what was happening.
Oh, right..before Chester came and Mike left (Chester was on the other side of the crowd, the right) the other guys, did what they usually do..Rob threw his drumsticks, Brad threw his guitar picks, etc etc. Phoenix gave the set list to one particular person, lol. Though with all the madness that was Mike, I didn’t really notice Brad and Rob were right in front of me (stage, not literally in front of me like Mike and Chester) if I were paying attention maybe I could have gotten drumsticks or guitar picks or something (which btw Phoenix didn’t really stop in front of me). It’s all good though, I’ll get one next time! x]

I got all this on video, very shaky..but got it the problem? I’m screaming loud and “fan-girling” so I’m not going to upload the video, a bit too much, if you ask me. I’m already uploading enough videos as it is. When they’re all done uploading I’ll post them all here on my blog. I stopped uploading for a while, giving my computer a break. Will upload more later, before I go to bed I’m going to upload the videos so it can upload while I’m sleeping.


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