I’m so happy and so proud. Why? Let me explain..first why I’m a bit bothered. Well first of all, my friends and I have created an account to Save the Linkin Park Underground (fan club), there’s lots of changes being made. We’re scared that the one thing we cherish the most might be deleted. The forums. Honestly, I like the LPU, I wouldn’t change it. Dramatically, I mean, maybe adjust a few things but basically it’s good. The forums are awesome, I have so many great memories there, I’ve met so many great people. Let me explain..for the Linkin Park forums, ( it was great, I loved it. I had tons of friends. When we moved..(white 2007 forums) almost everyone lost their username, if I recall correctly. We had to login through the backdoor, just to keep our usernames. Most had to get new accounts, losing their old ones, I’ve lost a lot of friends..I couldn’t find them again, the threads we used to meet in. It was awful. Okay but I adjusted, made new friends. Okay awesome. Then what happens? 2009/2010 (I can’t really remember now..) the gets an ENTIRE makeover. Forums? Awful. I lost my account, lost my friends (it’s not like I know their last names! I could only find SOME usernames..not to mention that some didn’t even bother signing up.)
I hate NING-style message boards. Shouldn’t even be called forums, but whatever. I wasn’t too active there. I loved the LPU message boards more. I made SOOOO many friends we’re part of a “clan” Mike Shinoda Clan on the message boards which later on turned to a fan site. Hell, we still talk on the message boards! Granted, not as much but we still do. Now we’re getting ready to let it go (even though we don’t really want to). They want us to pay about $30 more but for what exactly? We still don’t know. Nothing is confirmed. Although they KNEW they wanted to hike the prices to $60, keep in mind we don’t get the stuff we usually got, shirt, CD, stickers, random item, etc. So far..I’m not ready to give up $60, I need to know what I’m paying for. If it’s THAT excellent, I’ll pay for it, why not? But I am not just gonna pay $60 for something that I don’t know about, nor do they. Money isn’t really an object, just the fact that if I can’t get a shirt, CD, stickers, etc. what exactly am I paying for besides the regular online membership (that cost $12 before)? Yep, so we’re all trying to get answers and save the LPU, we made a twitter account for it. Follow here. We got nearly 200 followers in a single day! How awesome are LP fans? The support is incredible. I’m so proud of all the LP fans.

Another reason I’m proud is because well, I own a fan site..right? Mike Shinoda Clan, today we got an email from the owner of Rip It Up Magazine, they contacted US saying this:

Hey guys! I did a bit of research on your site prior to my latest chat with Mike for Rip It Up magazine and thought I’d send you the link in case you were keen on a read.


I made the links click-able but still, so proud!


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