The Catalyst

Yesterday I was studying nearly..ALL day. My friend and I were at the library then it was going to close (9PM) so we decided to take a break, go to wal-mart and buy her a binder (because she desperately needed one, her papers were all over) so we went, while we were there I decided to take advantage and buy an iTunes card (needed one too) so we were in the music section and I decided to look for Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns, while searching I found The Catalyst CD single, I was shocked, I wasn’t even looking for it so I was basically like… >.> *grabs* I got it, bought it and now I have it! x]

After all that..we studied more at her house..and what was weird was that while driving to her house I noticed a frog on my window (driver’s seat) it was a tiny little thing! It was weird..I also took a picture of it but I’ll get that up here later. It attached to my window all the way from the library to my friend’s house (we went in her car to wal-mart then came back to the library to pick up my car). Weird and exhausting.


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