Tired of everything..

I’m at that point where everything is just plain exhausting to me, I’m so tired of studying it’s taking all my energy! One more exam, I would have liked to study now but I know that it’ll take me ages to understand just a single paragraph, gonna sleep early today then go to bed wake up early and commence the studying again.

Today, I had an exam, I studied long hours the day before (yesterday) and haven’t gotten much sleep..so not I’m only am I sleep deprived I’m mentally exhausted, so much studying (mind you, it was just reviewing in a way..I was just doing the exercise problems, so it was practice). I also think I’m more grouchy, I’m taking everything at me and arguing back, I try not to but GOSH I’m so just so…sick of it all, to be quite honest.
Friday is my last exam, after that I can finally rest, A LITTLE BIT.

Another sad note: My cousin is leaving for South America, my cousin..that’s been like a sister to me. She’s leaving for SIX years. Why? Going to university there..she wants to be a doctor and the program there it takes only 6 years, rather than 10+ years over here. It’s not certain that she’ll be accepted she has to take some class then exam first if she does well on the exam then she can enter if not, she won’t go and just stay here.
Did I mention she’s 18 years old and she’s planning on getting married? Crazy? YES. I can’t do anything about it, I don’t, to be crude, support it. The guy seems good and all but she’s rushing this, she doesn’t have to get married right away (it’s been postponed first though..yet just a few months though), whatever. I think she’ll have too much pressure being married at such a young age, university, living in a different environment, which…it’s only Spanish, wouldn’t be too bad but I’m almost positive she won’t understand many things at uni. Not trying to be negative, but I know her and since she’s lived here all her life I know this is going to be a MASSIVE change.

I love South America, don’t get me wrong. But would I choose to live there? No. I’m too used to here, I like it here. I like the freedom, the environment, the people, the security, etc.


3 thoughts on “Tired of everything..

  1. I feel like that about university as well right now. I have to write a few term papers and also read five books in three weeks. 😦
    I’m sorry that your cousin moves away, I totally understand why you feel she’s rushing things.

    • yes 😦 ugh university is killing me right now!
      final exam until a month…lol ;-;

      yeah i’m gonna miss her..she’s only 18 years old, she’s younger than me and I can’t even imagine myself married or even her :\

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