Oh Mike..

Mike, on the left

Ha! That picture of Mike is pure epicness, the guys, DJ Coke-E is a huge Linkin Park fan, and Fort Minor fan, at that, he told me via twitter, you can tell…he’s following the same ..style as Mike, lol! It suits him, but Mike’s hair? Ah<3 love it. Mike had us go–well made me go crazy yesterday, he mentioned that he wanted to call fans for a pre-record for iHeartRadio, well I immediately lost it. I was waiting patiently (not) for Mike to say more other than to DM him something, obviously..we couldn't, unless he followed us first. So then after it all happened I was searching for more info about this iheartradio thing as I was a bit confused, now I know it's a..company? well it's an app for sure, I've got on my iPhone, had it for a while now. Anyway I found out Mr. Shinoda went to the Power 106 station in LA, though–I found out late and didn't hear him live or anything (if he was live that is) I found some pics including the pic above (Mike looks so tough haha). Mike has been everywhere lately promoting A Thousand Suns, I see him nearly EVERYWHERE. I think he’s been doing at least, if not all, 95% of all the radio station interviews, granted I might have missed some (but I highly doubt it as I’ve been searching for all the guys). Kudos on Mike for being awesome and having to answer the same questions over and over again, I know that can get tiring.


2 thoughts on “Oh Mike..

  1. The pic is so awesome! I love it, when people at radio stations or Tv shows are big LP fans and freak out when they meet the guys.^^ It’s probably very stressful for Mike doing all the promo, but to be honest, I love seeing him everywhere and I might be a tiny bit selfish. 😉

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