Thank you, Mike, Doug, and Stryker

Since last Friday, have been the BEST.
Let me explain..with each tweet, you’ll see why. I give a short explanation, but in Mike’s case, it was an entire post, lol.


Friday, September 25th 2010

This has all been explained, refer to this post. This tweet made me …well go crazy, lol. Read the post and I go into more detail..


Wednesday, September 29th 2010

While waiting for Mr. Shinoda to give us more info over the whole DM / send a story or question to him so he could call them and answer them (he was pre-recording for iheartradio), I noticed that Mike was following Doug Robb, from Hoobastank. I LOVE HOOBASTANK! So I mentioned to Mike and said this:

@m_shinoda random note, I see you’re following @HoobaDoug, AWESOME! 😀 tour with Hoobastank?! again that is x]

Later that day Doug replied to me! As you can see above, obviously I would LOVE another tour with Linkin Park and Hoobastank, or else I would have not mentioned it. I saw Hoobastank about two times, they were amazing! I got front row the second Hoobastank concert I went to, the first I got 2nd/3rd row, I was new to concerts then, lol. I saw Linkin Park about three times, seeing them both?! WOULD LOVE THAT.


Friday, October 1st 2010

Because Mike replied to me, I promised him that I would #FF him and Styker every single Friday. So, today, since it’s Friday I #FF’d both of them, a little late, (give me a break I had an exam today and was studying all day). My tweet was this:

Oh shit i almost forgot. #FF @m_shinoda @TedStryker @LinkinPark @ChesterBe @phoenixlp @joehahnlp :b

Well shortly after Ted Stryker replied to me! So generous, that made me immediately smile! I was a bit mad at something over here at my house then I checked twitter to see what was up and saw a reply from him! THANKS<3

In conclusion best days ever! So overwhelmed! It's amazing how a little mention, a retweet, or a reply can make one feel so happy. Thank you so much, Mike, Doug, and Ted. YOU ARE THE BEST.


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