“The Social Network”

I saw it yesterday with my friend, originally we were supposed to study..didn’t that go great? Library closes at 6PM, when we were trying to decide what time..it was already 5:50PM, LOL. So we were going to go to Starbucks to study..we got there and she didn’t feel like studying, awesome because I finally got over not wanting to study and I was ready to hit the books. So I got a frappuccino, (so GOOD) and we talked for a while, I was trying to convince her to study but no. So anyway we decided to go to the movie theater. We were deciding between Life As We Know It and The Social Network, oh and this other movie my friend wanted to watch but I can’t remember the name (to be honest I have never heard of it before) I looked at the ratings for all the movies and surprisingly enough The Social Network got 97% of approval, I know the story of Facebook isn’t really that appealing but in all honesty it was actually a really good movie. It surpises me that the person that created Facebook was a sophomore in Harvard University, now it’s based on true events. BASED. Meaning that there’s parts in the movie that never happened, so I don’t know how much is true nor how much is false but the movie itself was excellent the guy, the founder of Facebook though is a bit of a douche, LOL.
I won’t give away that much but if you’ve been thinking of seeing it, watch it. It’s good my rating: 4.5/5.



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