To go or not to go…

THAT is the question.

My parents bought their airplane tickets to Brazil, the only one left is me. I had plans to go to take winter classes this winter, but things may change. If I don’t go my cousin will probably hate me for my entire life.

Pros and cons, I need to make a list.

Although a big pro is going to Brazil, never been there, would love to go. Big con is it’s not the city I’d rather go to, I mean sure..I’ve never been there but it’s kinda in the I’m not sure how that’d work out. I’m trying to convince my parents if we can go to São Paulo, Brazil. It’s not TOO far from where we’re going yet nonetheless it’s pretty far. Oh did I mention this whole little trip is costing us about $2K PER person JUST for airfare?

It’s amazing how these are the questions that fill my head when I should be worrying about more IMPORTANT things. Sigh. Two exams coming up. Tomorrow is my first one, am I ready? Meh, it’s math. Can’t be too hard. (watch me eat my own words..) Physics is the one I’m really worried about. Anyway time for lunch!


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