My 2014 Recap

2014 recap collage

Goodbye 2014. It was actually an amazing year despite small problems but good > bad this time around. 2013 was AWFUL so glad 2014 was a lot better!! This is a collage just to show a few memorable highlights that happened. Here’s what I’d like to share (order: Left➡️Right)

Square 1 and 2: When CNBLUE came to the U.S. and I was able to see them for the 1st time!! I’ll never forget BMNYC and BMUSA. It was a dream come true as well, also Yonghwa took my present!!! I thought he would pass it up! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED!

Square 3: Then shortly after, Can’t Stop by CNBLUE came out and we even made the most tweeted songs in 2014 (officially!) on Twitter! I’ve never been part of anything like that, not even for Linkin Park!

Square 4: 2014 is also the year I really started studying another language, I’ve been saying for years I would love to learn Italian or Japanese, I ended up studying Korean! One day I’ll get to Japanese, I would still love to learn this language so I can understand all the Anime and J-dramas I watch lol.

Square 5: Then the long awaited Learning Not To Drown! I remember when we all found out Anna was writing a book YEARS ago but 2014 finally saw the release of that!

Square 6 and Square 7: A dream came true on my birthday. I was able to see my favorite band on my BIRTHDAY! I remember for years that they would perform on my birthday in Japan or up north in the U.S. and I could never travel then. But finally in Tampa, FL I was able to see them because it was SOMEWHAT near! I ALSO GOT A MEET AND GREET! (seeing them perform LIVE is amazing but also a meet and greet?! <3) The guys said happy birthday to me and Mike DREW a cake for me then I got a hug from Mike & Chester! Joe wrote to me in Korean and I ended up confusing him telling him I knew how to read Korean! This was literally a DREAM COME TRUE. FOR YEARS I've waited for this, so glad it got realized in 2014. BTW- in 2014 I saw Linkin Park 3 times so I'm grateful that happened too!

Square 8: My favorite football player (soccer player) joined the Orlando City football club! And I'm so stoked to see his first game in 2015! 😉 I've been dying to meet him for ages and being his fan since I was 12 years old FINALLY I can say I see a glimpse of hope meeting Ricardo Kaka!!

Square 9: When The Hunting Party by Linkin Parkcame out in June (a masterpiece btw). I still listen to the album a lot. Around this time is when the official Linkin Park Twitter retweeted my Fansite I co-own, Mike Shinoda Clan.

Square 10: During the LPBLKMRKT time when I signed up, the MIKE SHINODA followed me! He also followed other LPBLKMRKT team members, that was a huge surprise to me and didn’t expect it haha.

Square 11: I found a new love for BTS, a hip hop group! I ended buying a few CDs, they just debuted in 2013 so I can’t wait for what they have in store for us fans! Fighting BTS!!! 😘

Square 12: There was a competition between the LPBLKMRKT cities and Houston ended up getting 1st place in the contest and so I got a signed The Hunting Party CD (plus guaranteed meet and greet)!

Square 13: The LPU summit in The Woodlands, TX (FINALLY AN LPU SUMMIT IN TEXAS, even in MY CITY, Houston! That alone is memorable!) I got to hug Chester Bennington TWICE and he recognized me from the Tampa M&G! Plus an amazing photo got taken of Chester hugging me! He actually offered the hug this time around I didn’t ask like I shyly asked in Tampa (it was my birthday OKAY I had the courage haha)

Square 14: The LPU summit flag I designed made it on Mike’s keyboard at The Woodlands show! Of course it wouldn’t be possible without the help of some LPUers that chipped to cover the costs to make the flag! To be honest, I wanted to make it but I didn’t think I would have enough money for it (I heard up to $100 but it ended up being much cheaper with 4 or 5 splitting the costs). Thankful that Lorenzo and Lulu could get it on Mike’s keyboard!

Square 15: I entered a contest (Turnstile Live) on my birthday (when I went to the Linkin Park show in Tampa, FL) and then when I got back home I found out that I won it! (along with 2 other people I think). I received my prize (Guilty SnapBack and The Hunting Party Lithograph/poster)!

Square 16: This is a last minute addition since it just started airing in November 2014 but Pinocchio turning out to be one of my favorite Kdramas EVER (in between of 2nd and 3rd best). It most definitely takes the prize for my favorite kdrama of 2014. I would SO recommend to anyone, even those to whom I showed the drama to they LOVED it and are into kdramas now haha.

Well that’s it! So many things happened in 2014. Here’s to 2015! May it be a GOOD year!


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