My 2014 Recap

2014 recap collage

Goodbye 2014. It was actually an amazing year despite small problems but good > bad this time around. 2013 was AWFUL so glad 2014 was a lot better!! This is a collage just to show a few memorable highlights that happened. Here’s what I’d like to share (order: Left➡️Right)

Square 1 and 2: When CNBLUE came to the U.S. and I was able to see them for the 1st time!! I’ll never forget BMNYC and BMUSA. It was a dream come true as well, also Yonghwa took my present!!! I thought he would pass it up! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED!

Square 3: Then shortly after, Can’t Stop by CNBLUE came out and we even made the most tweeted songs in 2014 (officially!) on Twitter! I’ve never been part of anything like that, not even for Linkin Park!

Square 4: 2014 is also the year I really started studying another language, I’ve been saying for years I would love to learn Italian or Japanese, I ended up studying Korean! One day I’ll get to Japanese, I would still love to learn this language so I can understand all the Anime and J-dramas I watch lol.

Square 5: Then the long awaited Learning Not To Drown! I remember when we all found out Anna was writing a book YEARS ago but 2014 finally saw the release of that!

Square 6 and Square 7: A dream came true on my birthday. I was able to see my favorite band on my BIRTHDAY! I remember for years that they would perform on my birthday in Japan or up north in the U.S. and I could never travel then. But finally in Tampa, FL I was able to see them because it was SOMEWHAT near! I ALSO GOT A MEET AND GREET! (seeing them perform LIVE is amazing but also a meet and greet?! <3) The guys said happy birthday to me and Mike DREW a cake for me then I got a hug from Mike & Chester! Joe wrote to me in Korean and I ended up confusing him telling him I knew how to read Korean! This was literally a DREAM COME TRUE. FOR YEARS I've waited for this, so glad it got realized in 2014. BTW- in 2014 I saw Linkin Park 3 times so I'm grateful that happened too!

Square 8: My favorite football player (soccer player) joined the Orlando City football club! And I'm so stoked to see his first game in 2015! 😉 I've been dying to meet him for ages and being his fan since I was 12 years old FINALLY I can say I see a glimpse of hope meeting Ricardo Kaka!!

Square 9: When The Hunting Party by Linkin Parkcame out in June (a masterpiece btw). I still listen to the album a lot. Around this time is when the official Linkin Park Twitter retweeted my Fansite I co-own, Mike Shinoda Clan.

Square 10: During the LPBLKMRKT time when I signed up, the MIKE SHINODA followed me! He also followed other LPBLKMRKT team members, that was a huge surprise to me and didn’t expect it haha.

Square 11: I found a new love for BTS, a hip hop group! I ended buying a few CDs, they just debuted in 2013 so I can’t wait for what they have in store for us fans! Fighting BTS!!! 😘

Square 12: There was a competition between the LPBLKMRKT cities and Houston ended up getting 1st place in the contest and so I got a signed The Hunting Party CD (plus guaranteed meet and greet)!

Square 13: The LPU summit in The Woodlands, TX (FINALLY AN LPU SUMMIT IN TEXAS, even in MY CITY, Houston! That alone is memorable!) I got to hug Chester Bennington TWICE and he recognized me from the Tampa M&G! Plus an amazing photo got taken of Chester hugging me! He actually offered the hug this time around I didn’t ask like I shyly asked in Tampa (it was my birthday OKAY I had the courage haha)

Square 14: The LPU summit flag I designed made it on Mike’s keyboard at The Woodlands show! Of course it wouldn’t be possible without the help of some LPUers that chipped to cover the costs to make the flag! To be honest, I wanted to make it but I didn’t think I would have enough money for it (I heard up to $100 but it ended up being much cheaper with 4 or 5 splitting the costs). Thankful that Lorenzo and Lulu could get it on Mike’s keyboard!

Square 15: I entered a contest (Turnstile Live) on my birthday (when I went to the Linkin Park show in Tampa, FL) and then when I got back home I found out that I won it! (along with 2 other people I think). I received my prize (Guilty SnapBack and The Hunting Party Lithograph/poster)!

Square 16: This is a last minute addition since it just started airing in November 2014 but Pinocchio turning out to be one of my favorite Kdramas EVER (in between of 2nd and 3rd best). It most definitely takes the prize for my favorite kdrama of 2014. I would SO recommend to anyone, even those to whom I showed the drama to they LOVED it and are into kdramas now haha.

Well that’s it! So many things happened in 2014. Here’s to 2015! May it be a GOOD year!


I lasted almost two months blogging…

I have this really long story that I’ve finally finished editing and now I’m looking where to put it. I originally thought my tumblr, but it’s so long that I’m not sure that’s the ideal place. So I thought maybe WordPress? I tried to blog in 2010. I really did. Then I had exams and stuff happened, went to Brazil…BLAH (yes ended up going). Everything, I forgot about it and could never keep the habit of blogging.

I can’t even promise myself to start blogging again but I will be posting my super long post soon, that I would like to keep and not lose somewhere on tumblr. Hey, I might even update my life once in a while, that no one will care about but yay memories. Speaking of which, I read some of my old blog posts and reminisced all the old times! ♡

To go or not to go…

THAT is the question.

My parents bought their airplane tickets to Brazil, the only one left is me. I had plans to go to take winter classes this winter, but things may change. If I don’t go my cousin will probably hate me for my entire life.

Pros and cons, I need to make a list.

Although a big pro is going to Brazil, never been there, would love to go. Big con is it’s not the city I’d rather go to, I mean sure..I’ve never been there but it’s kinda in the I’m not sure how that’d work out. I’m trying to convince my parents if we can go to São Paulo, Brazil. It’s not TOO far from where we’re going yet nonetheless it’s pretty far. Oh did I mention this whole little trip is costing us about $2K PER person JUST for airfare?

It’s amazing how these are the questions that fill my head when I should be worrying about more IMPORTANT things. Sigh. Two exams coming up. Tomorrow is my first one, am I ready? Meh, it’s math. Can’t be too hard. (watch me eat my own words..) Physics is the one I’m really worried about. Anyway time for lunch!


Lately..been SWAMPED with work. Not just school work, oh no. It goes further than that. I’ve recently put myself in charge of a couple of projects, which to be quite honest, I’m excited about. But it’s a lot of work, being organized is the only thing that can save me from going insane. I’ve got of several completely distinct projects but nonetheless they’re exciting!

In other news, my last post about Brazil? Guess what. My dad is already checking how much it costs us to go to Brazil. I wish we’d go during Summer. As in USA summer..and over there it’d be winter. I’m going to have to leave my precious winter for summer?! …not cool.
Although thinking about it, I think I had some plans over the winter vacations so we’ll see how that turns out and that interferes with the whole Brazil wedding.


Today Linkin Park plays in Brazil..oddly enough I found out that my cousin wants to get married there. Confirmed. She’s been saying she wanted to get married in South America, but her fiancee is from Brazil so I guess that’s that.

I don’t want to go. My friend offered so I could go with her to LA, much rather go there. I’m against what my cousin is doing, not against Brazil. Wedding will be likely in December..awesome I get to miss winter and go to stupid summer. If you don’t know already, I HATE SUMMER, I like the summer vacations. But I hate the summer weather. I wish I could say no and not go..then again even if I have the best excuse in the world my cousin would hate me. She’s 18 years old and getting married. She hasn’t grown up yet, but you know whatever, it’s her life.

“The Social Network”

I saw it yesterday with my friend, originally we were supposed to study..didn’t that go great? Library closes at 6PM, when we were trying to decide what was already 5:50PM, LOL. So we were going to go to Starbucks to study..we got there and she didn’t feel like studying, awesome because I finally got over not wanting to study and I was ready to hit the books. So I got a frappuccino, (so GOOD) and we talked for a while, I was trying to convince her to study but no. So anyway we decided to go to the movie theater. We were deciding between Life As We Know It and The Social Network, oh and this other movie my friend wanted to watch but I can’t remember the name (to be honest I have never heard of it before) I looked at the ratings for all the movies and surprisingly enough The Social Network got 97% of approval, I know the story of Facebook isn’t really that appealing but in all honesty it was actually a really good movie. It surpises me that the person that created Facebook was a sophomore in Harvard University, now it’s based on true events. BASED. Meaning that there’s parts in the movie that never happened, so I don’t know how much is true nor how much is false but the movie itself was excellent the guy, the founder of Facebook though is a bit of a douche, LOL.
I won’t give away that much but if you’ve been thinking of seeing it, watch it. It’s good my rating: 4.5/5.


Thank you, Mike, Doug, and Stryker

Since last Friday, have been the BEST.
Let me explain..with each tweet, you’ll see why. I give a short explanation, but in Mike’s case, it was an entire post, lol.


Friday, September 25th 2010

This has all been explained, refer to this post. This tweet made me …well go crazy, lol. Read the post and I go into more detail..


Wednesday, September 29th 2010

While waiting for Mr. Shinoda to give us more info over the whole DM / send a story or question to him so he could call them and answer them (he was pre-recording for iheartradio), I noticed that Mike was following Doug Robb, from Hoobastank. I LOVE HOOBASTANK! So I mentioned to Mike and said this:

@m_shinoda random note, I see you’re following @HoobaDoug, AWESOME! 😀 tour with Hoobastank?! again that is x]

Later that day Doug replied to me! As you can see above, obviously I would LOVE another tour with Linkin Park and Hoobastank, or else I would have not mentioned it. I saw Hoobastank about two times, they were amazing! I got front row the second Hoobastank concert I went to, the first I got 2nd/3rd row, I was new to concerts then, lol. I saw Linkin Park about three times, seeing them both?! WOULD LOVE THAT.


Friday, October 1st 2010

Because Mike replied to me, I promised him that I would #FF him and Styker every single Friday. So, today, since it’s Friday I #FF’d both of them, a little late, (give me a break I had an exam today and was studying all day). My tweet was this:

Oh shit i almost forgot. #FF @m_shinoda @TedStryker @LinkinPark @ChesterBe @phoenixlp @joehahnlp :b

Well shortly after Ted Stryker replied to me! So generous, that made me immediately smile! I was a bit mad at something over here at my house then I checked twitter to see what was up and saw a reply from him! THANKS<3

In conclusion best days ever! So overwhelmed! It's amazing how a little mention, a retweet, or a reply can make one feel so happy. Thank you so much, Mike, Doug, and Ted. YOU ARE THE BEST.

House / Life Unexpected

Two shows I’ve been waiting for this fall.


This season is different, I’ve got to admit I miss the old cast. I don’t like 13, never really did Taub is alright–nothing really against him (other than the whole cheating thing). But 13..ugh DON’T like her. So, in this season House and Cuddy hook up, weird..but okay it’s alright, the past two episodes were good, the last one however (episode 2) made me cry at the sad. I won’t say much about House because I know many aren’t up to date with the episodes, I don’t want to spoil it too much. But yeah, look at the promotional picture above..kinda weird isn’t it? LOOK WHERE CHASE’S HAND IS….gah! don’t like it!! LOL at Taub, he’s just enjoying life..I wonder if any marital problems will arise this season, I believe so, I didn’t like him for doing what he did last season..having an open marriage? WTF and then telling his wife he won’t do anything?! But…he kissed the other woman?! Gah, why, Taub. WHY. Though if you look at his ring..he has it on, but he’s happy could this mean the troubles are over? Or are they just beginning? And I want to know Wilson has such a worried look x_x Wilson<3 Okay, gonna stop analyzing this picture, LOL.

Life Unexpected

Well this is a new show, on it’s second season. So since it’s fairly new, I’ll tell you what it’s about. Baze and Cate had a kid (age 16 I believe), although Baze never knew about this. One day, Lux (the kid) went to see Baze because she was applying for emancipation, or something of that sort. She wanted to live without a guardian, but since she was underage she had to get signatures (approval) from her birth parents. So she went to Baze, it shocked him but he told her that her mom was Cate, at the time Cate was a radio host. Well to keep things short..(and by that I mean really short) Cate and Baze spent time together (Cate was engaged to another guy, Ryan) and Baze fell in love with Cate, although he ignored this up to some point he finally admitted his feelings for Cate..after she got married, and get this. Cate almost admitted her feelings but he denied being in love, so she didn’t. Now Baze blames himself, and well he’s trying to move one..yep. Basically that’s where we left on and we’re starting a new season! I’ve got to admit the whole drama between Cate kinda annoyed me but eh. Love the show! TEAM BAZE! FTW!

I also watch a few other shows but those have started (or ended their season) and are still going since well for a while now these two just started a while ago! ❤

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