House / Life Unexpected

Two shows I’ve been waiting for this fall.


This season is different, I’ve got to admit I miss the old cast. I don’t like 13, never really did Taub is alright–nothing really against him (other than the whole cheating thing). But 13..ugh DON’T like her. So, in this season House and Cuddy hook up, weird..but okay it’s alright, the past two episodes were good, the last one however (episode 2) made me cry at the sad. I won’t say much about House because I know many aren’t up to date with the episodes, I don’t want to spoil it too much. But yeah, look at the promotional picture above..kinda weird isn’t it? LOOK WHERE CHASE’S HAND IS….gah! don’t like it!! LOL at Taub, he’s just enjoying life..I wonder if any marital problems will arise this season, I believe so, I didn’t like him for doing what he did last season..having an open marriage? WTF and then telling his wife he won’t do anything?! But…he kissed the other woman?! Gah, why, Taub. WHY. Though if you look at his ring..he has it on, but he’s happy could this mean the troubles are over? Or are they just beginning? And I want to know Wilson has such a worried look x_x Wilson<3 Okay, gonna stop analyzing this picture, LOL.

Life Unexpected

Well this is a new show, on it’s second season. So since it’s fairly new, I’ll tell you what it’s about. Baze and Cate had a kid (age 16 I believe), although Baze never knew about this. One day, Lux (the kid) went to see Baze because she was applying for emancipation, or something of that sort. She wanted to live without a guardian, but since she was underage she had to get signatures (approval) from her birth parents. So she went to Baze, it shocked him but he told her that her mom was Cate, at the time Cate was a radio host. Well to keep things short..(and by that I mean really short) Cate and Baze spent time together (Cate was engaged to another guy, Ryan) and Baze fell in love with Cate, although he ignored this up to some point he finally admitted his feelings for Cate..after she got married, and get this. Cate almost admitted her feelings but he denied being in love, so she didn’t. Now Baze blames himself, and well he’s trying to move one..yep. Basically that’s where we left on and we’re starting a new season! I’ve got to admit the whole drama between Cate kinda annoyed me but eh. Love the show! TEAM BAZE! FTW!

I also watch a few other shows but those have started (or ended their season) and are still going since well for a while now these two just started a while ago! ❤

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