Oh Mike..

Mike, on the left

Ha! That picture of Mike is pure epicness, the guys, DJ Coke-E is a huge Linkin Park fan, and Fort Minor fan, at that, he told me via twitter, you can tell…he’s following the same ..style as Mike, lol! It suits him, but Mike’s hair? Ah<3 love it. Mike had us go–well made me go crazy yesterday, he mentioned that he wanted to call fans for a pre-record for iHeartRadio, well I immediately lost it. I was waiting patiently (not) for Mike to say more other than to DM him something, obviously..we couldn't, unless he followed us first. So then after it all happened I was searching for more info about this iheartradio thing as I was a bit confused, now I know it's a..company? well it's an app for sure, I've got on my iPhone, had it for a while now. Anyway I found out Mr. Shinoda went to the Power 106 station in LA, though–I found out late and didn't hear him live or anything (if he was live that is) I found some pics including the pic above (Mike looks so tough haha). Mike has been everywhere lately promoting A Thousand Suns, I see him nearly EVERYWHERE. I think he’s been doing at least, if not all, 95% of all the radio station interviews, granted I might have missed some (but I highly doubt it as I’ve been searching for all the guys). Kudos on Mike for being awesome and having to answer the same questions over and over again, I know that can get tiring.


Tired of everything..

I’m at that point where everything is just plain exhausting to me, I’m so tired of studying it’s taking all my energy! One more exam, I would have liked to study now but I know that it’ll take me ages to understand just a single paragraph, gonna sleep early today then go to bed wake up early and commence the studying again.

Today, I had an exam, I studied long hours the day before (yesterday) and haven’t gotten much sleep..so not I’m only am I sleep deprived I’m mentally exhausted, so much studying (mind you, it was just reviewing in a way..I was just doing the exercise problems, so it was practice). I also think I’m more grouchy, I’m taking everything at me and arguing back, I try not to but GOSH I’m so just so…sick of it all, to be quite honest.
Friday is my last exam, after that I can finally rest, A LITTLE BIT.

Another sad note: My cousin is leaving for South America, my cousin..that’s been like a sister to me. She’s leaving for SIX years. Why? Going to university there..she wants to be a doctor and the program there it takes only 6 years, rather than 10+ years over here. It’s not certain that she’ll be accepted she has to take some class then exam first if she does well on the exam then she can enter if not, she won’t go and just stay here.
Did I mention she’s 18 years old and she’s planning on getting married? Crazy? YES. I can’t do anything about it, I don’t, to be crude, support it. The guy seems good and all but she’s rushing this, she doesn’t have to get married right away (it’s been postponed first though..yet just a few months though), whatever. I think she’ll have too much pressure being married at such a young age, university, living in a different environment, which…it’s only Spanish, wouldn’t be too bad but I’m almost positive she won’t understand many things at uni. Not trying to be negative, but I know her and since she’s lived here all her life I know this is going to be a MASSIVE change.

I love South America, don’t get me wrong. But would I choose to live there? No. I’m too used to here, I like it here. I like the freedom, the environment, the people, the security, etc.

Mike Mentioned ME


I’m freaking out here because now my Twitter is publicized, lmfao. Can’t freak out there…first get this..Mike made a small error (lolz<3) he did this:

“@anaPHX @lpfmfan @Zara19”

And after that I was like WTF OMFG AHHHHH!!! Then I was confused as to WHY he did that. Well, I was going to reply with “Thanks for putting me in quotation marks. LOL jk! Thanks Mike!” But then I wondered what the hell I was thanking him for. If all he did was put us in quotation marks, my guess is that he just copied our names then was going to post it on another tweet. But he accidentally tweeted it then later deleted (though wish I could have screenshot it) then a few minutes later he tweeted this:

thanks to @anaPHX @lpfmfan and @Zara19 as well. No more thank you for now; I don’t know who helped us get top 10, but you know who you are!

After all this I screamed, I started shaking (you know that weak feeling you get when you’re like overwhelmed or something? lmao something like that, LOL)


The Catalyst

Yesterday I was studying nearly..ALL day. My friend and I were at the library then it was going to close (9PM) so we decided to take a break, go to wal-mart and buy her a binder (because she desperately needed one, her papers were all over) so we went, while we were there I decided to take advantage and buy an iTunes card (needed one too) so we were in the music section and I decided to look for Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns, while searching I found The Catalyst CD single, I was shocked, I wasn’t even looking for it so I was basically like… >.> *grabs* I got it, bought it and now I have it! x]

After all that..we studied more at her house..and what was weird was that while driving to her house I noticed a frog on my window (driver’s seat) it was a tiny little thing! It was weird..I also took a picture of it but I’ll get that up here later. It attached to my window all the way from the library to my friend’s house (we went in her car to wal-mart then came back to the library to pick up my car). Weird and exhausting.


I’m so happy and so proud. Why? Let me explain..first why I’m a bit bothered. Well first of all, my friends and I have created an account to Save the Linkin Park Underground (fan club), there’s lots of changes being made. We’re scared that the one thing we cherish the most might be deleted. The forums. Honestly, I like the LPU, I wouldn’t change it. Dramatically, I mean, maybe adjust a few things but basically it’s good. The forums are awesome, I have so many great memories there, I’ve met so many great people. Let me explain..for the Linkin Park forums, (LinkinPark.com) it was great, I loved it. I had tons of friends. When we moved..(white 2007 forums) almost everyone lost their username, if I recall correctly. We had to login through the backdoor, just to keep our usernames. Most had to get new accounts, losing their old ones, I’ve lost a lot of friends..I couldn’t find them again, the threads we used to meet in. It was awful. Okay but I adjusted, made new friends. Okay awesome. Then what happens? 2009/2010 (I can’t really remember now..) the LinkinPark.com gets an ENTIRE makeover. Forums? Awful. I lost my account, lost my friends (it’s not like I know their last names! I could only find SOME usernames..not to mention that some didn’t even bother signing up.)
I hate NING-style message boards. Shouldn’t even be called forums, but whatever. I wasn’t too active there. I loved the LPU message boards more. I made SOOOO many friends we’re part of a “clan” Mike Shinoda Clan on the message boards which later on turned to a fan site. Hell, we still talk on the message boards! Granted, not as much but we still do. Now we’re getting ready to let it go (even though we don’t really want to). They want us to pay about $30 more but for what exactly? We still don’t know. Nothing is confirmed. Although they KNEW they wanted to hike the prices to $60, keep in mind we don’t get the stuff we usually got, shirt, CD, stickers, random item, etc. So far..I’m not ready to give up $60, I need to know what I’m paying for. If it’s THAT excellent, I’ll pay for it, why not? But I am not just gonna pay $60 for something that I don’t know about, nor do they. Money isn’t really an object, just the fact that if I can’t get a shirt, CD, stickers, etc. what exactly am I paying for besides the regular online membership (that cost $12 before)? Yep, so we’re all trying to get answers and save the LPU, we made a twitter account for it. Follow here. We got nearly 200 followers in a single day! How awesome are LP fans? The support is incredible. I’m so proud of all the LP fans.

Another reason I’m proud is because well, I own a fan site..right? Mike Shinoda Clan, today we got an email from the owner of Rip It Up Magazine, they contacted US saying this:

Hey guys! I did a bit of research on your site prior to my latest chat with Mike for Rip It Up magazine and thought I’d send you the link in case you were keen on a read. http://www.ripitup.com.au/article/1679


I made the links click-able but still, so proud!

Videos (Part 1)

Yeah, I finally managed to upload some videos, however..since these are massive, took FOREVER to upload. Oh and YES they’re in HD..that’s why they took so long.

Anyway, here are some of them:

The Requiem / The Radiance:

New Divide:



Jornada del Muerto / Waiting for the End:

After “What I’ve Done” Played…

Okay, so What I’ve Done was the last song played at the NYC show, right after that Mike came down and well..I’m a HUGE Mike fan, I mean I even own a fan site of him, seriously..huge fan. So you can possibly imagine what I was feeling during that moment. Well, let me tell you this, I basically freaked out, or you could say “fan-girled” I don’t think I could comprehend what was happening because that was the FIRST LP concert (that I’ve attended) where Mike came down to the audience. Chester came down after the OKC concert I attended, although thinking about it..he probably shouldn’t have..since he was sick, LOL. But I think his throat was sore is all, so it’s fine. :b Anyway, so Mike came down all the fans literally shifted over to the left and well we were all tightly packed at the front so there I’m guessing near the sides people kinda got pushed back or something? I dunno, but there was space on the right side of me and this girl got in to the front, but I got to the part where that little step thing was, or right in front of it, because I think I was already kinda near it, I remember looking down during the concert and seeing the step. So, when Mr. Shinoda came right in front of me, I nearly lost it, imagine this..the minute he jumped off stage I screamed and shifted over to the left. So when he was in front of me I basically just said “Mike” LOL, I held his hand and arm, I wanted to hug him but I thought that might be a little too much, and we all know how Mike is with fans, don’t want to get carried away otherwise: awkward and Mike gives you a look. So I didn’t do that, I figure holding his hand was good enough. Oh and holding on to his arm, haha.

Then..Chester came, I love them both, Mike and Chester. So, when he came over I was also screaming..same as with Mike but I wasn’t dumbfounded when he came right in front of me, in other words I could ACTUALLY think when Chester was in front of me, with Mike I was only saying his name, lol and holding onto him. When Chester came in front of me this girl next to me or close to me said “I love you, Chester!” and she got a hug, so that got me thinking, haha. When Chester came in front of me I said “Chester!! I love you!!” & “You’re the best!” stuff like that, now I do love him, love them all. I did manage to hug Chester, he was sweaty..my hands were drenched in his sweat right after and my shirt too (keep in mind that he had no shirt on when he came down). Mike and Chester are my idols. So it wasn’t just to get a hug, but I could actually think and say something to him rather to Mike, I said nothing..relevant. Either way I couldn’t say too much relevant, there wasn’t enough time. He was in front of me for about 10-15 seconds. It was alright then, I suppose, next time hopefully I’ll be able to comprehend what was happening.
Oh, right..before Chester came and Mike left (Chester was on the other side of the crowd, the right) the other guys, did what they usually do..Rob threw his drumsticks, Brad threw his guitar picks, etc etc. Phoenix gave the set list to one particular person, lol. Though with all the madness that was Mike, I didn’t really notice Brad and Rob were right in front of me (stage, not literally in front of me like Mike and Chester) if I were paying attention maybe I could have gotten drumsticks or guitar picks or something (which btw Phoenix didn’t really stop in front of me). It’s all good though, I’ll get one next time! x]

I got all this on video, very shaky..but got it the problem? I’m screaming loud and “fan-girling” so I’m not going to upload the video, a bit too much, if you ask me. I’m already uploading enough videos as it is. When they’re all done uploading I’ll post them all here on my blog. I stopped uploading for a while, giving my computer a break. Will upload more later, before I go to bed I’m going to upload the videos so it can upload while I’m sleeping.

Some Pictures From NY

My entire trip wasn’t all about Linkin Park, but since lot of people are visiting my blog just for Linkin Park I figure I should start with that.
I haven’t uploaded all my pics, I plan on uploading pics from NY itself, not just LP but eh, I’ll do that later. 🙂

The Crowd, right after I got in. It was filling up.

MARK FIORE! Great pic, huh? Wonderful smile!

hihi Mark.





Good closeup.

and yes moar shinodaa.

Mr. Hahn.




Work it Chester!

mmmm, yes.

Hell yes.



eeee, guitars.<33

Will post more later. Obviously, videos are on their way.


Finally back home but I missed a LOT of stuff..like not just LP news, since I missed a day of school I’m kinda behind. Not to mention I forgot my book in New York…yay? FML. My uncle is going to send it via mail tomorrow hopefully I’ll get it soon, if it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d buy another one. But this book is not only expensive it’s also NOT mine, I borrowed it from a friend. It’s a really long story how I left it…but in short I left it in the airport because my cousin was carrying it (again long story..) but in the end they found my book and I almost missed my flight. We took the bus to La Guardia airport and thinking we were going to make it on time (one hour before I had to be there) turns out we ended up coming REALLY late. Like 20 minutes before my plane left! I tried to do the self-checking in thing and well there was this one part that wanted me to pay $60 more to choose a seat or something and so after I kinda skipped in line and asked this lady who worked there if it was too late to check-in, and well so she asked me to hurry up if I wanted to make this flight so I checked in and my luggage. I was waiting in line (huge line :/) and the lady I talked to ended up looking for me so I could skip the line and go directly to security, so after security check I RAN to my gate and ended up catching it! Good huh? I was like the last one to board..not so I saw a few more after me but they were in line already and I kinda skipped people lol. Thanks to that lady I made it! 😀

And now that I’m back I missed my home very much, glad to be here. Only thing I could change is the weather here. I hate the weather here. 90F. Great. Tomorrow school..yay, lol. I’ll blog more later. I’ll try to upload at least one video today I haven’t even seen them completely. :/

Linkin Park Concert: The Experience

HOLY SHINODA. HOLY SHINODAAAAAAAAAAA. I mean WOW, the concert was BEYOND amazing, and I mean BEYOND. Like best concert to date? Probably. I mean for PR 2008 [Houston] I got to meet Mike and Rob but other than that this was an AMAZING concert. Okay so I’m going to go in order, before the concert.

I woke up, my cousin, aunt and I had to go to Walgreens to talk to the manager because my cousin needed a job and she was there checking on the status of her application. After we were done my aunt and I were heading to Manhattan because we thought we’d have time. Nope, did not have enough time, right before we were heading to the subway to Manhattan I told my aunt that I think we won’t have enough time so we went back to their house and waited for Raquel to bring her suitcase and stuff then after that we went to Manhattan directly. The plan was to check the line at the venue then go grab something to eat, well that wasn’t how it went..we got off the subway at 40th street and 7th avenue. We walked till 44th street and then we saw the venue’s name in big letters “BEST BUY THEATER” So we looked from the other side of the street and we saw there was already a line! So we ran to the line and got quickly in line. Fortunately there was a hot dog stand RIGHT in front of us, so that was lunch. Raquel got her hot dog first then some guy told us that we couldn’t stand right there (not just us but everyone that was passing the venue’s wall or something, like it was getting to the sidewalk where people walked so we got all squished together, which I have a video, I’ll upload later.
Here’s how it was when we got there:

As the day progressed it was like 2PM when we got there so we had to wait till 8PM for the doors to open. Six hours on our feet, outside the venue. Okay so as the day progressed and we got more squished and well that’s when someone said they saw Brad! (we met people over there, and made friends now we’re twitter buddies! haha)
UNFORTUNATELY we didn’t notice (we weren’t facing that way..) so we didn’t get a pic of him later on we saw Mark Fiore, but there was some confusion. Some guys said it wasn’t him because he was wearing a MTV hat or something, I dunno but the girls we made friends with confirmed it. Raquel and I pretty much stalked Mark LOL, we were taking a whole bunch of pictures of him! I have it, will upload later.
Pictures from twitter..

When I say I’ll upload later it’s not because I’m tired or something it’s because I didn’t bring the cable! The correct cable, I brought the wrong one apparently. Anyway, after stalking Mark for a while, the friend we made in the line got Mark to sign a quilt patch for her. Pretty cool! I saw it, he signed it and he drew a flower. Very awesome. After Mark came around and took video or photos, I think it was all video, lol. Then people from ALL over took videos, pictures of us, haha. Like seriously loads of people came and took pics of us, and interviewed the fans! it was wild!!! I got interviewed by this one guy with Raquel, I was like shy, lol. I am usually shy so I didn’t really speak up but I am on it. Though I’m sure they cut me out! Haha, after that the fans went wild! We sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall then we sang LP songs. I remember the last one we sang was Breaking the Habit, we also sang In the End for a while, ummm Bleed it Out I think, and I believe that was all. It was AMAZING we got so much attention from the people walking on the sidewalk from the people in their cars passing by us. It was AWESOMEEEE. Mark came back and filmed us singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and some LP songs. I believe he filmed In the End. And more media came back and had us scream and go crazy for the camera. More interviews, it was WILD. Beyond amazing!

So 8PM time for everyone to enter the venue. Well we entered at like 8:30 or so then as soon as they checked our bags and what we had in our hands, Raquel and I ran for the pit! Though the security and all the guys working at the theater were telling us to slow down otherwise there wouldn’t be a concert so we had to power walk to the pit. As soon as we got there people were in front of us already, and apparently they were “VIP” or something? I dunno, but anyway we were kinda pissed off at them. Because that wasn’t fair, we waited for HOURS and these people just show up?! Whatever. Anyway since I am short, well since Raquel and I are short we had to get at least a little bit closer to see properly. The problem was the people in front of us were VERY tall so it was hard, before the concert started this one guy let this girl in front of me in so I took her spot, so we were in the 3rd row. After a while I squeezed into 2nd row. Then once the concert started I PUSHED myself to 1st row. That is, like a while after the concert started for the first song and maybe till New Divide the only thing you could see was my hand waving around, LOL. Then I literally and I mean literally squeezed myself in between these two tall guys, they didn’t let me in the beginning but to be honest I could not see a thing since I’m short so I guess after a while they felt bad and let me through lol. Once I got in the videos were MUCH better and pics too.

I also broadcasted from there. I’m sorry for some parts shaking wasn’t really avoidable. It was hard. I tried to record steady but some people were pushing me and other parts well I kinda forgot about my iPhone and camera, lol.
Anyway you can find the videos at my ustream channel. Obviously these videos won’t be nearly half as good as the ones I got on my camera. :b
The concert was an amazing experience, beyond. I loved it. EVERY single second of it! My fav parts were Faint, In the End ❤ WRETCHES AND KINGS! BLEED IT OUT! You should have seen Mike's face (during BIO)! We were all singing it and his face was like "WOW, y'all know this, and WELL." he was shocked, because we were singing in place for Mike and part of Chester but he sang his part LOL. Then Mike started, it was awesome! The Catalyst, I freaked ❤ haha. Waiting for the End TOO! Omg, It was all too amazing. Ahh<333 Then once it was over, Chester told us it was the last song, and it was What I've Done. After that song, Mike jumped down and to the crowd. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT I WAS FEELING THAT MOMENT?!?! He came right in front of me!!!! AND STOPPED. I DIED. I held on to his hand and his arm, LOL. I didn't want to let go and someone tried to take his beanie, LOL. OMG I was dying xD after he left I was in shock still I didn't notice Brad in front of (sorry!) and he was giving away guitar picks and was RIGHT in front of me…I missed out on that and then Rob came and gave the fans drumsticks, I didn't get it, the girl next to me did. Then, Phoenix came and gave the set list to someone and that was that. Oh right, Chester also worked the drums (not Rob's) some other drums, it was RIGHT there and he went crazy for Wretches and Kings. It was INSANE, I LOVED it. I was in awe. Also after Mike, and the rest of the guys were with us Chester came by the entire crowd (like Mike) and Chester got to my part and stood right there *-* like Mike! LOL. I was like CHESTER! And hugged him and got his sweat all over me, lol. It's on my face and everything xD I have video of that..well not of me and him just parts of him I was kinda going insane. xD

Anyway the concert was awesome, yes sorry for saying that for the billionth time. After we went to buy our merchandise. I got two shirts and a limited edition poster. Black one (the one from the skate deck, that artwork) and The Catalyst shirt, with the single pic and on the back it said Best Buy Theater, the date 9/14/2010 the place, New York, etc. etc. I tweeted during that time you probably saw it, lol. I think I'll favorite it, just to remember the day and time when it all happened. :b
After, we got something to drink because we were dying of thirst. Then walked to the subway, we got on and rode back to my aunt's place. And we ate, my aunt cooked the food<3 after well we went straight to the laptops and blogged it all up. Yep, that was it. I hope I didn't miss anything and if i do, I'll edit this post. :]
Basically that was it, I'd talk about each song because of the set list..but well I'll do that later, I'm tired and well I also want to watch the videos, see how they turned out. :b

Pics and videos coming later.