Rainy day

Looks like it’s going to rain well actually no it is going to rain. We’re going to an Italian fair today, I think it’ll be fun! Then after we’re going to Central Park with my family, then the MTV VMAs!!!!!!!!! Obviously gonna watch that I also set my DVR to record it. Linkin Park are going to ROCK the VMAs, they know how to put a show on! Tomorrow we’re going to Manhattan. My cousin, uncle, and aunt here have never been on the tourist bus thing, which btw they’re new to New York so we might go on that, which will be nice. I’ve been on it before took excellent photos which I have yet to upload it’s just that they’re massive and take forever to upload and I’m a very impatient person, lol.

Anyway I’ll upload pics later, if can be, from my iPhone. If not I’ll upload some tonight via computer.


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